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Write for Us: Automotive

We are always looking for guest authors who are able to share their advice, experience and unique point of view with our readers. You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience, just as long as you can write a piece that’s interesting, useful, entertaining or inspiring.

Right now, we are specifically looking for automotive & motoring experts who can write for our motoring blog. We’re calling all petrol heads! If you love cars, motorbikes or anything that goes fast, we want to hear from you!

What can I write about?

We’ve listed a few ideas below to give you an idea of what we’re looking for:

  • Car reviews
  • Driving tips
  • Car repairs & maintenance
  • Motorsport
  • Car buying & selling tips
  • Auto industry news
  • Electric vehicles
  • Classic cars

Why should I submit a guest post?

Writing guest articles is a great way to boost your public profile and gain exposure!

When you write for us, you’re given the chance to share your knowledge and expertise with our readership. You can also take the opportunity to promote your own business, website, blog or social media page

Are there any guidelines?

We do have a few rules and guidelines when it comes to guest posting. The first and most important rule is that your article has to be top quality. Please take care with your spelling & grammar and make sure your content is completely original and unique.

You can include links in your guest article, just as long as they are relevant and useful to the reader. Please email us if you have any questions about our linking policy.

Guest posting FAQs

How long should my article be?

We recommend at least 300 words.

Can I include images in my guest article?

Yes you can. Please ensure you have the correct permission to use any photos or images you send to us, and please provide them in the highest resolution available. If you don’t include any images with your article, we will select an appropriate stock photo for you.

Can I include my name and an author bio?

Yes. If you want to, you can include your name and a brief sentence or two about yourself to go at the end of your article.

Are there any topics I can’t write about?

Your article should be appropriate for anyone age 13+. We do not accept guest articles that discuss, promote or link to adult content, gambling websites or anything illegal.

How long do articles take to get published?

Once an article has been approved, we’ll add it to our queue and publish it as soon as possible. The exact turnaround time depends on how busy we are, but it’s generally around 2-5 business days. Please email us if you need more information.

I’m ready to submit a guest post. Where do I start?

Ready to write for us? Great! Please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll email back with some further information, guidelines and what to do next.

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