Top 5 back exercises for an amazing back workout

back exercises

Believe it or not, a lot of gym-goers focus on the front part of their bodies. However, back workouts are just as important as a chest workout. We are not saying that you neglect your back altogether but you will admit it when we say that you pay more attention to your chest. The thing is that you can’t see your back but others can and that defines your personality just as well.

Back exercises work the weak and ignored muscles to improve your posture and reduce the desk-hunch. Moreover, back strengthening exercises improve body strength which enables you to perform exercises like the bench press much easily. Back exercises also stabilize shoulder joints thereby increasing your ability to lift weights.

The best back exercise uses your arms to pull and row thereby activating those muscles and strengthening them in the process. So, the best back workouts are good for your front as well. Workout at hundreds of premium gyms in your city with a single FITPASS membership.

5 Best Back Exercises

1. Bent-over Row (with resistance band)

The row is one of the best upper back exercises and it works the middle section as well. Starting with light-resistance can work as a warmup as well along with being an important part of your routine. The band offers some resistance that works as a challenge while you work through the range of motion without breaking out the weights.

2. Renegade Row

This is one of the dumbbell back exercises that maximize the utility of the movement to the highest degree. Use only light dumbbells to maintain proper spine position while rowing the weight. The plank and the push-up when done together along with other elements really make it a great workout. Assume a high plank position on dumbbells and perform a push-up. As you return to the high plank, pick the dumbbell off the floor and perform a row on one side. Perform the row on the other side after another push-up.

3. Inverted Row

The inverted row is another one of the great upper back exercises. Beware though – it will tire you out sooner than you think. If you think that it is easier than the other movements, you have another think coming. It might look like a pullup with feet planted on the ground for assistance but it is much harder. But then, it gives great results as well with a basic setup.

4. Pull-up or Chin-up Variations

Pull-ups and chin-ups are essential if you want a v-shaped torso. You can do these back exercises at home to target the lats muscles that wrap around the sides of the upper body below the arms to build width. These muscles make you appear slimmer even though you have some fat around your stomach. Try to pull your shoulder blades toward your back pockets so that you can use your upper back muscles to perform this back exercise instead of just the biceps.

5. Bent-over Row (with barbell)

Bent-over barbell rows allow you to lift more weight as compared to other variations of the row. Performing back exercises with heavier weights leads to improved muscle growth in the targeted muscle groups. This should be your go-to exercise if you want to build strong middle-back muscles. Just make sure that you do not use too much weight.

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