What does your logo colour say about your business?

colour theory

Our brains are instinctively programmed to interpret & react to colour. Logo and branding experts understand this, and for years they have been using colours to subtly shape our thoughts, emotions and opinions.

Next time you’re working on a new logo or designing a brand strategy, think about what you want to say about your business and which colours can help you communicate this message.

Some colours are interpreted differently depending on a person’s cultural background or personal experience – for example the colour red is often used to signify danger or warning in the West, but can represent luck and good fortune in places like China. But many colours have universal meaning – such as green representing nature and serenity.

Graphic Design agency Muse Design have created a visual guide to help you understand the meanings of different colours, using famous brands as examples. You can check it out below.

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colour psychology infographic

Infographic by Muse Design

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