10 football stadiums that are taking energy efficiency seriously


For a few hours every week, a typical football stadium turns into a small city, with tens of thousands of people packed inside. It also consumes a city’s worth of resources – especially when you think about all the electricity used by the floodlights plus all the food, water, transport and energy it takes keep all of those people happy.

With climate change a growing concern around the world, many football teams and governing bodies have responded by designing more eco-friendly stadiums.

As the 2018 World Cup approaches, a UK energy company decided to showcase ten of the world’s greenest stadiums. The list includes venues from around the world and contains a few surprises – such as a non-league English club putting bigger teams to shame!

You can check out the full list in the graphic below:

Eco-friendly stadiums

Graphic: Eversmart. Top Image: Flickr

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