3 tips for reducing your business travel costs

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Many jobs involve extensive travel. You may be a business owner who has to go to various meetings around the country. Maybe you’re trying to get a new idea off the ground and you have to travel to drum up interest and meet investors. Or perhaps you work in sales and you’re constantly on the road meeting potential clients. Whatever the reason, the cost of travel can sometimes make or break a business. Here are 3 tips for keeping your travel costs under control:

Plan train journeys in advance

You can get a considerable discount if you book your train tickets ahead of time instead of buying them on the day – sometimes up to half price. If you find yourself making the same journey often then it’s probably also wise to get a season ticket or a monthly pass. Again, the savings can be significant.

Finally, don’t buy an anytime return unless you have to. If you know the exact time you plan to travel, then you can save money by purchasing an off-peak ticket.

Don’t be a hotel snob

It’s tempting to stay in an expensive luxury hotel when you’re travelling for work, but it really doesn’t make good business sense. Find a hotel that offers the facilities you need for a reasonable price, and book your hotel room as far in advance as possible in order to secure a discount.

You also have to factor in additional travel costs between your hotel and your venue. A cheap hotel room might not be the bargain it seems if it’s too far from your meeting location and you end up paying extra for taxis every day. It’s a fine balancing act!

Use loyalty schemes

Several hotels chains, trainlines and airlines offer reward schemes for regular customers. Make sure you take advantage of these offers. After you’ve racked up enough points, you may be able to use them for a free journey or hotel room. Some providers will also offer perks such as upgraded rooms or free WiFi access.

As a business, it’s important to cut back on unnecessary spending wherever possible. Minimising your travel costs is essential for keeping your bank balance and cash-flow healthy!

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