4 Best AWeber Competitors for Email marketing in 2021

AWeber competitors have sprouted up all over the place since the first CRM and marketing automation platform came up in the form of HubSpot in 2006. Since that time, and especially in 2020, when E Commerce has grown by leaps and bounds, it is clear that there has been an increase in the digital way of business and in the demand of tools that can further facilitate the same. With a huge change in lifestyles and the fact that we run our lives online now, more than ever, we can see that there is a shift in the way we do business as well. From banking to socializing and buying grocery and even garments and electronics, we are doing everything online. And this has a direct impact on how business owners behave and use the various online channels for business purposes in order to get revenue.

For all business owners, it has become more important than ever to have a presence online and to also run teams in a more organized way. Yet, one can easily ask that teams were being run without CRM systems earlier also – so why does a business owner need an AWeber alternative? There is no single or simple answer to this question. The answers are multiple and they lie in the various benefits that we have listed here:

Speak the Language of the Customer:

What is it that makes a customer stop and click on something online? This is answered by the AWeber alternative that you would bring in for your business growth. When a customer is scrolling past many posts on social media feeds, he or she looks for a post that would speak about the specific problem they are facing with a solution that would also logically follow. This would have to translate into a series of helpful emails and then get funneled into the sales pipeline. The crux word here is the articulation or the language that is drawn from all the big data taken by the alternative to AWeber when it comes to CRM and marketing automation for your business and the best interests of your customers. In this way, the AWeber alternatives can help you reach and engage with your core audience.

Do in a Way that Fuels Conversions:

When the above is being practiced, the point is to fuel conversions more than anything else. When we reach out to a certain market segment and we begin to engage the most worthwhile prospects, we are looking to create business and generate revenue from there. This is the whole point of looking at AWeber competitors since they can help us bring business and revenue to the table in a more sure shot and more efficient manner. This means that the rate of conversions would also go up since the information and the functions would be well organized for your team to achieve and adhere to.

Be Safe while Your Practice all this:

Safety and security are two words that we cannot stress on, enough. So, when we practice all of the above online, we also need to make sure that we are safe and secure with all the information that we are mining, storing and sharing with the various members of the teams that are within the system. In order to do this, the AWeber alternatives ensure that there are layers of encryption along with specific access to certain information which is granted to the particular team members for their tasks only. This also builds better accountability into the team. Further, it also ensures that all the information is stored in a place from where it cannot be attacked, erased or misused. In doing so, the system makes sure that your information is never compromised yet easy to access from anywhere and at any time.

Know Where you’re Going Wrong:

When you are running a business and trying to grow, you may get lost in the details and the everyday excitement. This might take you off track and you may end up losing your way and losing sight of your core goals. In order to avoid this, you need an AWeber alternative that will give you a constant stream of insights and analytics to show you where you stand in terms of the various goals and targets that you would have set for yourself and your business. This would also help you take corrective action on time, as and when required.

Find the Next Best Opportunities:

Apart from all of the above, you never know where and when the next big opportunity may be waiting for you. While you are busy with your core activities, you can bring in the AWeber competitors to constantly point out where there might be a gap that your business and your products can potentially fill for increased revenues.

Now that we have covered all the benefits and reasons why you would need an alternative to AWeber, it is time to have a look at the various AWeber competitors:

EngageBay: This AWeber alternative is one that truly delivers all the goods when it comes to lead generation and closing conversions with highly efficient teams. This is done with a suite of wide ranging services at highly affordable prices.

Get Response: This is also a well known platform that can fill in for AWeber with email marketing automation. Yet, it does not have too many features.

Copper CRM: This platform is a good one that aims at email marketing primarily. But, it is an expensive one that many smaller companies and businesses cannot afford.

Less Annoying CRM: This is one of the well known platforms that has many features, but it does not offer constant support along the lines of EngageBay CRM and other such platforms that are quite well known and more reliable.

The above analysis shows that EngageBay would be one of the best AWeber alternatives since it has many affordable features.

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