4 Best SaaS Marketing Strategies for Your Agency


Marketing has been a staple of every business. This is how, with investing a little time or money, you can attract many new clients and grow your business.

However, when you are running a SaaS (or Software as a Service) business, then the marketing will take a different shape. After all, how do you market a software? We are here to show you exactly this – in this very article!

1. Find strategic partners for your software

Blogging has become one of the easiest – and one of the best – tools for attracting a large audience to your brand. With it, you can, with almost no money and a little effort, reach people across the globe and introduce them to your software. This is why you need to be very strategic about how you approach blogging.

What this means is carefully setting your goals at the very start. If you do not, then you can feel like you are pushing in multiple directions – and you will be split up on what you want to achieve. So, for example, set up “getting more traffic” as your goal – and focus all your content on that goal.

However, you need to go smart about link building for SaaS. You will want to find blogs that accept guest posts – but that are also willing to help boost your posts on their social networks. If they are also a very trusted platform, then this can benefit your traffic quite a bit.

You should also explore different niches where your software can be useful. Sometimes, though, this can take a lot of time. So, consider hiring professionals to build the links for you!

2. Free trials are always popular

When people are looking into investing in something, they love to try it out first. This way, they can get a sense of how that thing works and how well it fits their needs. The same can be said about software! This is why offering free trials has been a popular SaaS marketing strategy – and you should consider it too.

When you offer a free trial, you do not need to invest in marketing. Instead, you can work on the quality, and let your software speak for itself! If you play it smart – and get a person’s email through the free trial – then you can have a potential lead for the next campaign even if they were not happy with your current product!

However, you will need to think about how to promote your free trials. While offering it on your website is a must, you should also attract people to visit your page. So, add some social network advertising into your SaaS business plan. This way, you can dedicate a small amount of money and reach a wide audience – as long as you create smart call-to-actions.

3. Good reviews can help your audience make your decision

You can get another huge boost to your conversion rate through good reviews and testimonials. This is similar to the free trial – only here, you let others speak for you. There are researches that show that nine out of ten people read reviews before investing in a product – and most of them believe reviews like they would their friends.

This is why it’s important to ask for references and reviews from the people and businesses already using your software. What’s more, you can share the positive reviews on your social media. This gives you a good footing – and can be a splendid introduction to your services, too. You can even ask them to post reviews on your main review page, and make the process more organic, too.

4. Pull the curtain on your business

A thing that not many companies do – but that can be quite effective – is sharing the inner-working of your company with the audience. Usually, SaaS companies are young and full of energy – and even if they are not, they are fun!

What’s more, a lot of people are curious about startups, and if you share about yours, then they will be interested in learning more. You will also be building a supportive work environment and creating a mindful company culture – which many customers appreciate.

So, do not be afraid to pull the curtain on some of your everyday affairs. For example, you can show them a one-page business plan you started with to inspire them to strive for more – or just learn about your vision and goals.

You can also be active on social media and share your team-building events – or create fun content for your clients or wider audiences. This way, you will show that you are reliable and transparent and that people will feel at ease working with you.

SaaS marketing strategies do not need to be hard. Selling your product doesn’t really differ from selling any product. The only exception is that you can get as creative as you can. After all, people in other niches do not have free trials and similar offers, right? Just think outside of the box, and you will be attracting wide audiences in no time!

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