5 Best Christian Children TV Shows Every Christian Mom Will Love

Finding shows for your children as a Christian can be a difficult thing to do as you’re browsing streaming providers. Especially when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

If you’re on the hunt for Christian TV shows for kids, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out the top five Christian TV shows that your kids will love today!

1. Veggie Tales

Probably the most known and popular Christian TV show for kids, Veggie Tales uses animated vegetables to portray Bible stories and spiritual lessons that are easily digestible for kids.

They make the show easy to follow along and quite fun with songs and jokes that your children will be able to enjoy and learn Christian values and lessons from. You can learn more about the Veggie Tales characters here to see if this is something you and your children can enjoy watching together.

2. Owlegories

A show aimed at the younger age group of children, Owlegories is an animated series that follows little owl students that go on adventures to learn about faith, nature, and God. This Christian TV show for kids is very gospel-focused and each episode is fifteen minutes to keep the attention of preschool-aged children.

3. Hermie and Friends

A bit of a more obscure Christian TV show for kids, Hermie and Friends follows two animated caterpillars named Hermie and Wormie as they learn various virtues through adventures centered around faith in a fun and humorous way.

Hermie and Friends is even a storybook if your children end up really liking it!

4. BOZ the Bear

BOZ the Bear is another hit Christian TV show for kids that can become a staple in your household.

BOZ is a green bear who goes on various adventures to learn about God’s world with his two friends. This is a great show that helps to reinforce the everyday Christian values that you’re teaching your children and serves as a secondary lesson to really solidify these faith-based values.

5. 3-2-1 Penguins!

If your children really like Veggie Tales, or maybe even already watch them, 3-2-1 Penguins! is a show from the same creators.

This Christian TV show for kids is a bit more sci-fi as a pair of seven-year-olds go on adventures with space-traveling penguins while learning about the Bible. This show also teaches children about various Bible verses very similar to what they would be learning at Sunday School, which makes it a great Christian option.

Most Popular Christian TV Shows For Kids

Whether you end up choosing classic Veggie Tales, or try something a bit more obscure like Hermie and Friends, you won’t be short on options of Christian TV shows for kids. They will be a beloved staple in your home. Packed with faith-based lessons, your children will grow and develop in their faith in a fun and exciting way.

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