Benefits of swapping the urban to the suburban

If a move to the suburban side to London sounds like it may suit you well then it may be worth considering the pros of such a move and how it may transform your life. Buying a property in the suburbs of London comes with lots of positives and with plenty of housing schemes now opening up the property ladder to first time home buyers, you can find exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

A slower pace of life

A big positive when it comes to buying a home with a more suburban feel is the slower pace of life it offers. A more relaxing pace to life can help keep you feeling a little calmer throughout the day and stay more productive and less stressed. You can also get that work life balance better attuned and focus on the things that matter most to you. Whether you want to become a better cook, read more books or start a yoga class, living a more balanced lifestyle that doesn’t revolve around rushing around, big crowds and busy centres, can help you achieve just that. We could all do with a little less stress so moving to the suburbs may be just the idea to get on board with.

More Space

A big plus when it comes to living in the suburbs is the increased amount of space you will have. With bigger homes, a more spacious garden and even a driveway you will benefit from more personal space and enough room for you and your family. A move to the suburbs is a great idea if you’re looking to have a family or expand the one you currently have. And with good schools, a safer community and plenty of green space, the suburbs are the perfect place to bring up kids.

Housing Schemes

Another reason a move to the suburbs may be a great idea for you is the available housing schemes offered in these areas. With shared ownership schemes allowing you to part buy, part rent a home and increase your shares overtime, a move here is a great idea for your finances too. With shared ownership homes in Surbiton you can enjoy suburban living with financial ease. Not only can you revel in the beautiful Surrey countryside and enjoy the green spaces, parks and golf courses that sprinkle this area, but you can also relax knowing you can take the buying process at your own pace.

Healthy mind and body

A move to the suburbs, with its green space, better air quality, quieter nights and safer community can help not only your physical health but your mental health too. With a better night sleep away from the blinding lights of the city and sounds of a buzzing nightlife outside, you can experience a general better quality of life. And with less stress you are more likely to feel fitter and healthier in a suburban environment. With more spaces to walk and relax, a move to the suburbs is a great choice all round.

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