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walking apps

Over recent years, the goal of walking 10,000 steps per day has caught the popular imagination and spawned a whole industry of fitness products & apps designed to help people reach that magic 10,000 step target.

Depending on your height and stride length, 10,000 steps works out roughly to 5 miles, and can help you burn between 250-600 calories (depending on your weight).

The good news is that you don’t need an expensive FitBit or other fancy fitness tracker too keep count of your steps. There are plenty of apps you can download for free on your existing smartphone that can track your steps and whip you into shape in no time! We’ve rounded up some of the best:


Pedometer++ is a sleekly designed app with plenty of handy features. It acts as a pedometer and lets you set daily targets. It’s always tracking steps regardless of whether or not the app is open, and it displays your step count on the actual app icon.

Currently only available on iOS.

Nike + Running

It may be a running app, but it works just as well for walking. The app can track your walking/running route, record your time & distance, and gives you badges for hitting various milestones. It can also manage your music library and auto-pauses when you need to stop for a breather!

Available for iOS and Android

Alpine Quest GPS Hiking

Alpine Quest GPS Hiking, as the name might suggest, is designed for adventurous types. The free version of the app lets you create multi-layered maps, has a virtual compass and orientation functionality, and lets you save your favourite locations.

Currently only available on Android.

MapMyWalk GPS

MapMyWalk is a walking app with a social twist. You can connect with friends, share your favourite routes and message other users. The app also monitors your steps, distance covered, time and calories burned.

Available for iOS and Android.

Walkmeter GPS

A walking app designed for competitive types! It features a novel “Race Compete” mode that allows you to time yourself and then compare your time with other walkers on the same route. You can also send maps from your web browser or email and import them into the app – great for sharing walking routes with friends.

Available for iOS and Android.

Did we miss any out?

What’s your favourite walking or fitness app? Let us know in the comments!

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