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Before settling and starting a family, the first thing people do is check the most suitable places to raise their families in. Some of the biggest concerns before settling include security, education institutions, amenities, hospitals, and recreational centers. Basically, an affordable, decent place with everything within reach. The US is one of the most sought-after countries to raise families in, and whether you are moving from a different country or simply want to relocate to another city within the country, there are endless options you can choose from. Read on to see some of the most family-friendly cities in the USA.

Arlington, VA

Arlington is strategically located, neighboring a few of the biggest employers in the country. It has a population of about 229, 534 with schools ranking 25% higher on average than those in other parts of the country. And if you want your kids to get their higher education from there, there are four universities you could choose from. The median home price is $729,477 and it is one of the safest cities to be in, with a crime rate lower than the national average by a whopping 61%. Apart from the usual outdoor activities, there are tourist activities you could take part in: It is even pet-friendly with five city-owned dog parks! So it’s an ideal place for the whole family!

Parkland, FL

In the northwest corner of Broward County is where you find Parkland which is populated by about 32,000 people. When it comes to education, there are 5 public schools where your kids can get a quality education. And depending on the neighborhood you wish to move to, there are a few things to consider. For instance, would you choose neighborhoods with very close proximity to amenities, somewhere you can simply walk to? Also, is close proximity to shopping areas and restaurants that important to you. Or yet, would you prefer quiet to busy areas with bursting energy? In Parkland, you will find endless opportunities, and talking about safety, the crime rate is quite low.

“Most families we work with all ask about Parkland, and those that can afford it, end up living there. It’s really got family appeal and the fact that most families view it as a destination, will only work to serve that appeal” says Mack Dudayev, founder of Chance Realty.


With a median home price of $390,914 and a population of 146,431, Naperville has been considered one of the best cities in not only Illinois but the whole of the country to live in. Indian Prairie High School in Naperville was ranked by Chicago Tribune as the best in the US in 2015 and in addition, there were other well-ranked schools on the list. Its neighborhoods are safe and there is a variety of family-friendly activities to enjoy in the city. What’s more, the population in Naperville is quite diversified with a bigger percentage of locals well-educated.

Columbia, MD

Columbia is a perfect family-friendly location situated in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. It is a planned community with schools ranking high within the state and the whole of the country, as well as a number of libraries in the city. Regardless of the village you choose to live in, there are recreational centers in all of them with fitness centers and swimming pools. Also, there are kids’ playgrounds lakes, and hike trails, so outdoor fun is not limited. Back in 2018, Columbia was crowned the title ‘the safest city in America’ and with a median home price of $363,388, it is definitely a family-friendly city.

The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands is made up of different planned neighborhoods in the suburban parts of Houston, TX. From great schools to grocery stores, golf courses, and office parks, the city is such a pleasant location to raise a family in. On top of that, there are both public and private schools, with 18 elementary schools and a community college. The city has a population of 109,608 and a median home price of $351,000. There are also family activities you can indulge in, some of which help promote a sense of community for the locals. Crime rates are also low, so most of the neighborhoods here are safe.

Bellevue, WA

Bellevue is not only a family-friendly city but one with an illustrious job market recognized country-wide. It is neighbored by headquarters to some of the biggest companies and has been named the sixth position in the list of the healthiest cities in America. These are some of the reasons why a lot of young professionals and families are drawn to settling in Bellevue. It has a population of $139,014 and a median home price of $729,381. While it has been known to have low crime rates, its police have been ranked among the top when compared to other cities in the state. Parks here have different amenities, and there are more indoor and outdoor activities for every family member.

Bowling Green, OH

When it comes to family fun, you’d want to think about parks, lively events, and camps, just to mention a few. Bowling Green is loaded with such facilities and more. The best part is that the cost of living is very affordable, with the median listing price being $160,000. So even if you want a large family, it would not be as hard to attain the financial stability you want and provide for them. If you and your spouse would like to enjoy the nightlife in Bowling Green, there are no limitations, from restaurants to bars, cafes, and nightlife spots. If you prefer daytime outdoor activities for the whole of the family, there is kayaking, fishing, yoga, hiking, and cycling that you can enjoy in different spots around the city.

Bottom Line

The location you choose to raise a family in is as important as the home. Choosing a location without information about it such as security, affordability, schools, social amenities, hospitals, recreational facilities, the infrastructure, and everything in between could cost you more than you think in the long run. What is your income and what costs will you incur in that city? Will you need to rearrange your budget in order to afford your new home and support your family? Generally, will there be drastic changes and how well will your loved ones take to settle in the new location. There is just so much that goes into it, but with a good plan and prior research to the move, you should have little to no stress.

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