Omniscape blends Virtual and Augmented Reality rewards into the real world

Imagine using Virtual and/or Augmented Reality to collect rewards that you can then use in the real world. With Omniscape, the Blockchain-based platform that monetizes Virtual and Augmented Reality content, there is no need to imagine any more, as it is now a reality.

In a campaign held last week in Miami, the company showcased the power and reach of its technology using real-world scenarios, with consumers having the chance to download the service and participate in the claiming of some interesting rewards.

Omniscape uses Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) with real-world locations, allowing brands, businesses, and influencer content creators to easily create, share, and monetize by way of immersive content, experiential marketing, branded 3D NFTs or virtual commerce.

Robert Rice, the CEO and founder of Transmira (the company behind Omniscape), shared his overall view over what the company brings to the market:

“We basically blend augmented reality and virtual reality together, with a focus on location to basically help businesses and brands connect with each other and provide really cool, amazing experiences for consumers that they can obviously have fun with, but they are also monetized. So, the idea is to basically help, again, businesses and brands drive traffic to stores and give consumers fun and interesting experiences.”

In a somewhat simple comparison, this tool can be thought of as an improved version of Pokémon GO – instead of being used to find fictional creatures, Omniscape uses the actual real word and transforms it into a marketing tool, that then companies can use to implement all kinds of marketing strategies.

Users can buy virtual real estate inside Omniscape and then monetize those assets whenever brands want to use it for advertisement, or directly negotiate those virtual properties.

Brands and businesses using Omniscape also have access to important metrics and data that are put together by the platform, providing them with the right information and tools to finely tune their marketing strategies.

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