Reasons Why You Should Always Use Silvan Sprayers

As the application of herbicides and pesticides has become an essential step in agriculture and farming industries in Australia and across the globe, sprayers have also gained popularity and earned their place as an essential piece of farming equipment. Sprayers are devices used for, as the name suggests, spraying pesticides, herbicides and insecticides in farms and orchards. They can be manually operated in domestic settings, as well as mounted on large vehicles for dispensing chemicals across plots of farmland. One of the biggest names in sprayers is Silvan.

Why Is It Important to Use a Silvan Sprayer?

Perfect Every Time

Sprayers offer a ton of benefits to farmers and cultivators. They ensure even distribution of chemicals across large areas. As this distribution is perfectly calibrated, they eliminate the danger of pesticide poisoning or overdose for plants.

Faster Work, Better Results

In addition, using sprayers speeds up the protection process. In this industry, farmers need to take a proactive approach towards crop management, as it is a time-sensitive measure. In fact, there is a rule of thumb when you are trying to improve or maintain yield: prevention is better than cure. Weeds need to be removed before they get to a point where they compete with your crops for nutrients. Similarly, you need to protect your crops from a pest attack, rather than trying to fight back against one. With a sprayer, you can quickly deal with weeds and pests before they become an issue.

A Well-Earned Reputation

When it comes to Silvan, they are the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to sprayers and similar agricultural equipment. Their name is synonymous with quality, effectiveness and value for money. With a sprayer, you’ll get all the benefits of a sprayer plus the Silvan name!

What Is a Silvan Sprayer? Get to Know Silvan & Their Sprayers

There are various types of Silvan sprayers available, but the following are some of the most common and popular.

Spray Gun

A spray gun can be used to shoot spray in two patterns: conical or pencil stream. It is important to note that the conical fashion is ideal for pesticide spraying, while the pencil stream is considered ideal by herbicide spray experts The trigger allows a margin for adjusting the spray pattern according to the chemical being sprayed. Though handheld, the spray gun has the most diverse applications.

Backpack Sprayer

Another common type of Silvan sprayer is the 15-litre backpack sprayer. The beauty of its design is that it has multiple applications. What this means is that it is designed in a way that multiple chemicals can be sprayed using it. The backpack sprayer has four different nozzles which are used for spraying different chemicals, including fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, as well as degreaser. The latter is extremely important for cleaning sprayers.

In addition, a Silvan backpack sprayer can be used to spray gardens and small plots, as well because of their extreme precision. Another important feature of Silvan backpack sprayers is that they have padded carrier straps that allow for greater comfort as you work.

Trolley Sprayer

If you’re looking for something similar to a backpack sprayer but are looking to use a bigger volume of spray, then consider buying a Silvan trolley sprayer. These sprayers offer all the functionality of a backsprayer but with the additional benefit of convenience as you do not have to rely on your own strength to carry the full weight of the chemicals. Instead, the spray tank is mounted on a trolley that requires no external power source. These are great for attacking weeds and applying fertilisers.

Spot Sprayer

Another quite popular type of Silvan sprayer is the spot sprayer. These are small and easily portable. They can be attached to any utility vehicle and be used for spraying areas of varying sizes.

If you are looking for an option that allows you to cater to the spraying needs of a large area, then you should consider the 100 litre Silvan spot sprayer. This can be easily mounted onto a truck or any other 4×4 vehicle. These sprayers come with a complete spraying system that includes a tank with a pump and handgun nozzle.

Choosing the Silvan Sprayer for You

What’s Your Job Like?

The first and most important consideration is the job at hand. If you’re spraying a large plot of land, then your sprayer requirements will be different from a small area. So, before getting a sprayer make sure you check the model specifications because that will determine whether it is suitable for your job or not.

What Spray Will You Be Using?

Secondly, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the kind of spray that is adequate for a particular job. This is because another important consideration when choosing a sprayer is its chemical compatibility. What this means is that certain components such as the gasket, pump and hose of the sprayers will not function correctly with chemicals.

Getting the Most From Your Silvan Sprayer

A Silvan sprayer is a major investment in the farming and agriculture sector. To ensure a good return on your investment, it is paramount to maintain your sprayer. The following are some quick tips for effective maintenance of your Silvan sprayer:

  • Never leave any pesticide or herbicide spray in the tank.
  • Always be very accurate about the amount you will need during a particular spraying session, that way you never end up leaving spray in the tank or running through more spray than needed.
  • Make sure you rinse the tank before and after each spraying session.
  • Clean the nozzles after every use to prevent chemical build-up and mixing which can be detrimental to plants as some chemicals should never be allowed to mix.
  • When carrying the sprayer through uneven terrain, avoid bumping and jostling the sprayer as much as possible.
  • Never try to alter the design of a sprayer as it can cause accidents and affect the sprayer’s ability to function.

Some maintenance tips may not be applicable to all sprayers. So, when performing maintenance, make sure you go through the instructional manual from Silvan thoroughly and have a strong understanding of your equipment.

Get Your Silvan Sprayer Today

Silvan is an excellent brand of sprayers, in fact, it’s one most popular in Australia. If you are on the lookout for a reliable Silvan sprayer, then consider placing an order online!

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