The graduate who spent his last £500 on a billboard begging for a job billboard

After sending out over 200 CVs without hearing back from a single employer, desperate graduate Adam Pacitti decided some drastic action was needed. The 24-year-old former Media Studies student emptied out his bank account and used it to purchase a billboard in London’s busy borough of Camden – reading “I spent my last £500 on this billboard. Please give me a job” followed by a link to

Here’s the video featured on the homepage of his website:

The marketing stunt was more successful than Adam had ever imagined, quickly going viral and racking up around 10,000 tweets in the first 24 hours alone. billboard

Luckily for Adam, the story had a happy ending and the £500 gamble paid off. A few months later he was offered a position with KEO Digital – the TV production company behind many of Channel 4’s popular shows.

You can follow Adam on Twitter @adampacitti

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