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The legal industry may seem quite complex and hard to access to truthful information. Podcasts have become a tool to bring information to people, making the content more entertained, closer, real and up to date. Many experts say that they will replace blogs because of their dynamism and easy way of consumption.

There are hundreds of legal podcasts addressing several topics of interest, but the best are those that combine good research, expert opinion, commitment and tell a story.

To be updated it is important to be on the hunt for these shows that manage to have that perfect combination, in order to expand the knowledge of the legal industry in a different and entertaining way.

There are several proposals that legal experts have decided to create to bring people closer to information in a more attractive and understandable way, because everyone needs the law but just a few really understand it.

Here is a list of some of the best podcasts that combine knowledge, experience and entertainment in one place.

5 Legal podcasts to be updated

1. Lawnext

The lawyer, writer and consultant Bob Ambrogi is responsible for a weekly episode of the LawNext podcast. Where they cover aspects about laws and technology to improve access to legal support.

He has guests every week who announce the changes and innovations about this industry and how to take advantage of it from user’s and the service provider’s the point of view.

2. Law360’s Pro Say

Each week this podcast provides a summary of what has happened in the legal world over the past seven days. It has three hosts, legal journalists in charge of catching great stories and some that go unnoticed.

With the help of their guest experts in different areas, they disarm legal concepts by presenting stories that are easier to digest for the audience.

3. Thinking like a lawyer

Hosted by Kathryn Rubino, Joe Patrice and Elie Mystal combining their experiences as journalists and litigators with a unique result that makes anyone who hears them think like a lawyer.

This podcast has a unique approach on different legal discussions; together the protagonists address each topic from the experience of people in a daily basis, reexamining them from the magnifying glass of a lawyer.

For those who have an interest in legal procedures, how they behave, what they do and how they think “Thinking like a lawyer” is a good way to get to know them.

4. The Happy Lawyer Project

The Happy Lawyer Project is the name of this show where he demystifies that image of a stressed, angry, cold-hearted lawyer.

Showing inspiring stories of law professors enjoying their personal and professional lives. The host is Okeoma Moronu, who throughout his personal history trying to regain his balance of personal and professional life gives a new face to law.

Weekly, he chats with lawyers who have their own struggles and strive to take steps to have a balance in their life, as part of their life project.

5. Tertulia Jurídica

If you’re part of the latin community and you’re interested in finding legal content in your native language. Whether you’re looking for legal help or the best “abogados en español” a great spanish podcast can lead you to the right way.

Tertulia Jurídica hosted by Angel Seicedos, is a very entertaining avant-garde podcast. He collaborates with lots of Spanish lawyers and jurists and chats with them about current law topics.

Why listen to podcasts

Podcasts are the most current way to share and disseminate information; many people even comment that they can replace blogs by their simple way of consumption and how entertaining they are.

They are also more personalized than TV shows or radios, many podcast hosts are quite open about their personal lives and share their stories to motivate and inspire their audience.

It is an excellent way to stay informed by industry experts, not only to know but to learn how to do things, the changes and updates and topics that are not usually addressed in any other space.

In addition most podcasts are free, being a habit that can be included without any additional cost.

For those who feel that they don’t have access to stay informed and have no contacts in the legal industry, using this method to stay informed is an excellent strategy.

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