What are the top traits to look out for when hiring an IT expert?

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There’s a high demand for workers in the tech industry, so recruiters have to be on their top game to attract the best talent. At Amazing Support, a North London IT support consultancy, we’re powered by our highly capable staff. We wouldn’t be able to provide our services without the people behind the business. So what makes a great IT expert? From our experience, here are the best traits to look for when hiring an IT professional.


Good IT professionals are not slowed down by problems, no matter how big or small. They know how to tackle problems head-on, understanding not only how the problem came about but also where they can look to find the answer. In this sense, IT experts are resourceful and creative – they have a wide background knowledge that they can apply to a given situation to find a solution.


One reason IT professionals have such an expanse of working knowledge to draw from is due to their curiosity. They like to probe issues that aren’t immediately obvious or spend a few extra minutes searching for something that’s piqued their interest. IT experts usually aren’t content to just sit back and let questions go unanswered. Their curiosity allows them to absorb and save bits of helpful information for later when they might need them.

Team Player

At our IT support company in London, we value teamwork above all else. Most IT experts work on a team rather than solo, and the ability to collaborate with others is essential. Being a curious problem-solver means nothing if you’re untrusting or unreliable. Being a team player means knowing when to take responsibility and when to take credit.

Lifelong Learner

Being a lifelong learner goes hand-in-hand with curiosity. The tech industry changes rapidly, and those unwilling to keep up and learn new skills won’t be able to call themselves IT experts for long. Look for professionals with a demonstrated interest in acquiring knowledge, like extra certifications or even taking online courses. In some respects, it’s your responsibility as a company to invest in upskilling your staff. But you can’t upskill employees who aren’t willing to learn.

Passion for Their Niche

IT experts should have a profound knowledge of their area of expertise. Specialists in business analysis should know everything there is to know about it; IT managers should be highly competent in leading people or projects. If you’re hiring for a certain specialisation, then look for signs that candidates are deeply knowledgeable in this area. By the same token, IT experts should also have a working knowledge of niches related to theirs. This way they’ll be able to contribute more to your company.


Another trait to look out for in IT professionals is their ability to adapt. They should be flexible and quick learners, able to take problems in stride and still perform well under pressure. While deep expertise is essential, it’s often not enough to be successful in the IT sector. Good IT experts should be able to learn on-the-job as well. Indeed, those with a natural curiosity tend to pick up new knowledge quickly, so if you recognize this trait in a candidate, they’re sure to be a quick learner.

Understand Data & Business

Having a grasp on the tech and data side of the job is only part of what makes IT professionals successful. Look for someone who also understands business needs. Business and IT are closely intertwined and only growing more and more connected. As a result, IT experts can no longer get away with being “just IT.” Understanding how the business works and how IT benefits business growth is a crucial characteristic.


Those working in tech, especially in cybersecurity, should have strong ethics. IT professionals work with potentially sensitive information on a daily basis, so having someone with integrity and an inherent sense of right from wrong is highly desirable in this sector. You can glean a sense of integrity from someone by their willingness to take responsibility for their actions. And by how committed they are to both their work and their team members.

Knows Their Limits

Finally, good IT experts admit when they don’t know something. It’s impossible to have the answer to every solution every time, and capable IT professionals are aware of this. Admitting when you’re wrong or when you need help is never a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of responsibility. Good IT candidates are willing to put the needs of the team or the business ahead of their own egos.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right candidate can be challenging, especially when there’s such high demand in the IT sector. But if you keep an eye out for these traits, you’ll have greater chances of finding capable professionals. At Amazing Support, our team is curious, knowledgeable, full of problem-solvers and steeped in integrity. By cultivating a top-notch team, we remain a top-notch IT consultancy in London.


About the Author: David Share

David Share

Director at Amazing Support has held positions as Operations Director and Head of IT in legal and professional firms for more than 10 years. He is a Director and co-owner of Amazing Support, an Award-Winning, Microsoft Silver & Cyber Essentials accredited specialist managed IT Support and Cyber Security Company.


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