“Why Being An Entrepreneur Is The Best” – Advice From Gilles Baudet

Entrepreneurship is fast-becoming what some might deem to be a trend in 2023. More and more people with passion, drive and ambition are opting for the start-up life as opposed to following the normal career route of being an employee of another business, and it’s no secret as to why.

Being an entrepreneur, as anything, comes with a wide range of benefits that simply aren’t feasible or accessible for those individuals who choose to remain employed. Of course, there can be drawbacks but for many, the pros of pursuing an entrepreneurial lifestyle far outweigh the cons.

Glasgow-based serial entrepreneur, Gilles Baudet, has shared some valuable insights into the reasons as to why being an entrepreneur is ‘the best’.

Entrepreneurship Creates Flexibility In Your Lifestyle

As an employee, it’s pretty standard that people work a Monday-Friday 9-5 and will continue to do so. As an entrepreneur, you have the advantage and the power to dictate your working patterns and ultimately, your lifestyle. Of course, this doesn’t translate as just turning up as and when and having as much free time as you want – especially in the early days! Gilles Baudet says:

“To this day, I have working weeks where I have to be on it and focused for 15-20 hours a day. Other weeks? I can totally switch off knowing my team have everything under control. It’s all about balance and at the end of the day, what you put in is what you get out, and that’s important to remember. I would never say I work a standard 9-5 day ever, but as a business owner, I can choose to take an afternoon off at the drop of a hat to go to my son’s sports day, or I can choose to work 3 days straight to get a deal over the line. It’s all in the balance, and the balance that works for you and your business”

Entrepreneurship Gives You Choices Others Don’t Have

As an entrepreneur, you essentially have total control over every aspect of your career; your working schedule, the people you work with, the clients you take on board, the services or products you offer, the direction your business takes, and as a result of all of this, your earnings. When asked about the choices entrepreneurship gives you, Gilles Baudet said:

“There’s a really famous quote, I can’t remember who said it now, I think it was someone related to Warren Tracy, who said that as an entrepreneur, you live a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t, and this rings so true! Being an entrepreneur definitely isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it!”

Entrepreneurship Allows You To Focus On Your Passion

Entrepreneurship gives individuals the unique chance to build a career that aligns with their beliefs. As an employee, you do as your told. As a business owner, your focus and determination and drive goes into something your passionate about, and that’s the key to making it a success. Gilles Baudet’s main business is a direct sales company, however he says:

“Although I wouldn’t say direct sales in it’s rawest form is my passion, what I am passionate about is people and seeing them succeed, and without people, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. I love speaking and motivating and coaching and training – that’s where my passion lies – and my business allows me the opportunity to share that passion and develop others”

Interesting Stuff!

Entrepreneurship is certainly not for the feint hearted and does take a lot of time, commitment and dedication to make it work, but when it works, it’s clear to see that there are many advantages that can really transform your life.

About Gilles Baudet

Gilles Baudet is an entrepreneur, CEO, VC and public speaker based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. He set up his core business in 2012 focusing purely on direct sales and since then, has grown his business on a national scale, as well as branching out into other business investments and coaching other businesses on profitability, motivation and facilitating scalable growth. Alongside his working life, Gilles is a dedicated father to his two young children and a supportive husband to his wife. Now, over 10 years after starting up his original business, Gilles has become a property investor in addition to being a Venture Capitalist, and enjoys opportunities to coach other passionate entrepreneurs in his field.


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