Wood Construction: 5 Things You Need To Know

Wood has a magical power to lend us calm and peaceful vibes. The natural raw material is gaining popularity for its unmatched aesthetic and functionality.

As a result, log cabin homes are becoming popular. If you’re also considering a wood house, it makes sense to know other surprising things about this beautiful material:

1. Renewable, Recyclable, Natural

Wood, by any measure, is one of the world’s most renewable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials. Because of these reasons, it makes a great choice for environmentally-conscious persons looking for a sustainable building.

In addition, wood is lightweight and flexible yet strong, making it an increasingly popular choice among people. There are endless possibilities of building log cabins and other structures using timber. That’s all because wood is a highly renewable and sustainable material with almost zero negative impact on the environment when done rightly.

2. Carbon Positive

Wood is the only building and construction material with a positive impact on the environment. The trees used for timber take up to 80 years to get fully mature. During this time period, these trees store carbon dioxide from our environment. This continues beyond timber processing – a wooden home binds around 50 tonnes of CO2 during its entire lifetime.

Timber is not limited to homes but also can be used for office buildings. Using timber for buildings is like taking 1000+ petrol cars off the road and reducing carbon emission in the environment.

3. Low-energy production

The process of manufacturing different kinds of timber uses significantly less fossil fuel energy per unit volume. This is substantially lower than concrete, aluminum, and steel. So, it reduces pollutants emitted during the entire timber or log production process.

So, wood structures tend to involve low-energy production, making them a great material for the planet.

4. Health benefits

Countless studies have shown that using wood in your home, school, and work has a significant positive impact on our health.

Stress is one of the leading causes of health problems in modern culture, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, difficulty focusing, and social interaction. Humans instantly relax when they are surrounded by natural elements like wood, according to research from various countries.

When it comes to noise absorption, wood is perfect since it can avoid echo and noise. Timber encourages social contact and may help older individuals slow down their mental and physical decline. Biophilic characteristics of timber connect us to the outdoors and appeal to our intrinsic urge to interact with nature. And, this is really good for human health!

5. Natural Insulator

Naturally, insulated log cabins tend to be great to live in. Wood is a natural insulator, and this is because of tiny air pockets inside its cellular structure. In terms of insulation, wood is known to be 15 times better compared to masonry, 1700 times better than aluminum, and 400 times better than steel.

In addition, wood is ideal for building frames so that you can install fiber and foam insulation in the log cabin.

Finally, if you plan to build a wooden house that brings all of the above-listed benefits, it’s wise to speak with a professional log cabin contractor.

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